From Shadows to Light: Advocacy for Children of HIV-affected Key Populations. Miller J. (2016)


Emerging information and anecdotal reports indicate that these children require special attention because of they may be negatively affected as result of either direct or associative relationship with their parents who are themselves members of key populations. But what are these children’s issues and how might they be different from their peers? We know their parents face endemic violence, criminalisation, stigma, social-exclusion and discrimination globally, but what do we know of the children’s needs? We may occasionally ask adults from key populations about their issues as parents, but do we ask about their children?

For many years now, the children of HIV-affected key populations—sex workers, transgender people, people who use drugs, and gay men and other men who have sex with me—have remained in the shadows, figuratively tucked behind their parents’ legs, out of sight. A broad alliance of community groups, NGOs and funders is emerging to bring these children into the light. 


Keywords: HIV/AIDS, social inclusion, young people, gender


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