Meeting Report: 2014 National STI and HIV Consultation in Nauru 26-30 May 2014 Yaren, Nauru. Motufaga S, Salva MS, Ty S, et al. (2014)


The meeting workshop was held at the Health Promotion Training Room, Ron Hospital. This was participated by 25 representatives from the community-based organization, youth group, health promotion unit, nursing division curative services, public health division, xxx, Joint UN Presence, DFAT, as well as, the Assistant Director of Public Health, the Acting Secretary of Health and Medical Services, the Sexual and Reproductive Health Adviser from SPC, and the Medical Officer for STI, HIV and Gender of the World Health Organization South Pacific Office and the Division of the Pacific Technical Support (DPS).
This meeting aimed to:
1) Understand the current STI and HIV status and trends in Nauru;
2) Tailor the response on STI and HIV based on current context; and
3) Identify important steps to implement the next phase of the response.

Keywords: HIV, STI, youth, key populations, SW, MSM, women, transgender people, services, clients, partners, ANC

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