HIV-related Stigma and Discrimination and Human Rights in Papua New Guinea. Rule J and Liriope D. (2016)


This report covers research conducted on HIV stigma and discrimination using the Stigma Index in the Papua New Guinea provinces of Western Highlands and Chimbu*. The research was funded by a grant from the National AIDS Council. When Igat Hope began the project the aim was to conduct interviews in all regions of PNG. However, due to funding constraints and organisational capacities, the Stigma Index has only been applied in one region, that is, the Highlands Region. In future, the hope is to gather comparable data from other regions in PNG. Despite the fact that the overall project aims have not yet been achieved, the data contained in this report provides useful information that can be considered as work continues in PNG on HIV-related stigma and discrimination and human rights.


Keywords: PLHIV, stigma and discrimination, index, gender, services



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