World Drug Report 2017. UNODC. (2017)


To celebrate 20 years since its inception, the World Drug Report 2017 is presented in a new five-booklet format designed to improve reader friendliness while maintaining the wealth of information contained within.


Booklet 1 summarizes the content of the four subsequent substantive booklets and presents policy implications drawn from their findings. Booklet 2 deals with the supply, use and health consequences of drugs. Booklet 3 focuses on the cultivation, production and consumption of the three plant-based drugs (cocaine, opiates and cannabis) and on the impact of new cannabis policies. Booklet 4 provides an extended analysis of the global synthetic drugs market and contains the bulk of the analysis for the triennial global synthetic drugs assessment. Finally, Booklet 5 contains a discussion on the nexus between the drug problem, organized crime, illicit financial flows, corruption and terrorism.

Keywords: HIV, PWID, PLHIV, hepatitis C, drug, prevalence, prison

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Booklet 1    Executive summary - conclusions and policy implications


Booklet 2    Global overview of drug demand and supply


Booklet 3    Market analysis of plant-based drugs - Opiates, cocaine, cannabis


Booklet 4    Market analysis of synthetic drugs


Booklet 5   The drug problem and organized crime, illicit financial flows, corruption and terrorism


World Drug Report 2017 - Factsheet


World Drug Report 2017 - Presentation

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