Tuberculosis Diagnostics Technology and Market Landscape - 2nd Edition. UNITAID. (2013)


The technology landscape highlights current and emerging tools for improved diagnosis of TB. The emphasis of this report is on NAAT products, where the most significant recent development has been seen. A variety of options, either commercially available or in late-stage development, are designed for detection of TB, first and/or second-line drug resistance, or for TB diagnosis and drug resistance combined. Commercialized technologies and those in late-stage development do hold promise in expanding the potential for TB diagnosis via NAATs. However, GeneXpert remains the leading technology in this area and is the last product endorsed by WHO in 2010. While a growing portfolio of TB NAAT assays are commercialized or in late-stage development, none is expected to be endorsed by WHO in 2013, and few tests are anticipated to have the necessary evidence base for endorsement over the next two to three years.


Keywords: TB, diagnostics, public health, drugs

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