Strategic Plan of the Inter-Agency Council on Violence Against Women and their Children 2007-2010. IACVAWC. (undated)

Gender Differences in KAP Related to HIV/AIDS among Freshmen in Afghan University. Mansoor AB, Fungladda W, Kaewkungwal J, et al (2008)

Violence against women and their children (VAWC) occurring in intimate partner relationships in domestic situations is a serious problem. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that half of the women who died from homicide were killed by their current or former husbands and partners. They succumbed to gunshot wounds, burns, hemorrhages and other physical injuries resulting from various forms of abuse. In the Philippines, the extent of VAWC can be gleaned from the varying trends in the number of general violence against women (VAW) cases from different government agencies. The number of VAW cases reported to the police increased seven-fold from 1,100 in 1996 to 7,383 in 2004.



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