Sri Lanka: National AIDS Spending Assessment 2009-2010. Colombo, Institute for Health Policy and National STD/AIDS Control Programme Ministry of Health (2012)

Sri Lanka_National_AIDS_Spending_Assessment

Tracking of national HIV expenditures and financing flows are an essential requirement to monitor and plan the resources for tackling HIV. The National AIDS Spending Assessment (NASA) tool, assists to monitor these scarce resources for HIV, considering not just the health components, but also education, social protection services, and others, in order to evaluate and quantify the multi-sectoral approach of the national AIDS response. NASA will help to identify funding gaps and duplication of funding in the national response to HIV epidemic.

This publication provides estimates of overall HIV spending in the country for the years 2009–2010, and will be of much value to the Ministry of Health (MOH), as well as the stakeholders who are interested in understanding the financial flows of the national AIDS response.




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