Singapore Global AIDS Response Progress Report, 2015 (Reporting Period: 2011 – 2014). Ministry of Health, Singapore. (2015)


The National AIDS Control Programme comes under the central control of the Ministry of Health, Singapore (MOH), with active involvement from other relevant government agencies as well as community and private sector groups in Singapore. The Programme focuses on HIV education and prevention for the general population as well as specific at-risk groups, reducing the pool of undiagnosed HIV-infected individuals, and providing care and support to those living with HIV/AIDS. To further enhance the surveillance and control of HIV, MOH set up a National Public Health Unit in September 2008. This unit is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the National HIV Registry, carrying out contact tracing and partner notification for newly-diagnosed HIV patients, and conducting HIV-related public health research.

Keywords: HIV, GARPR 2015, prevalence, MSM, sex workers, mode of transmission, treatment

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