Sindh, Pakistan Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2014, Key Findings. UNICEF and Sindh Bureau of Statistics. (2015)


A diverse set of data is a pre-requisite for effective planning and governance. The Sindh Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) is an important source of accurate and reliable data on a comprehensive set of socioeconomic indicators.

The purpose of the survey is to provide statistically valid data for researchers, policy makers, planners, and individual’s vis-à-vis evidence based decision, program and policy making, in-depth analysis and future forecast regarding human development. MICS is a unique source of information in which more than 120 indicators are covered on the basis of the province, 5 divisions, 28 districts as well as area of residence and background. MICS also provides high-quality data on household’s characteristics, child mortality, nutrition, child health, reproductive health, ante-natal health checks, child development, education and literacy, water and sanitation, wealth quintiles and poverty status.


Keywords: HIV, AIDS, child mortality, health, reproductive health, maternal health, ICT

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