Report of HIV Situation among Migrant Workers in Thailand. Bureau of Epidemiology. (2013)


Currently, Thailand’s economic development results in an increasing trend of expansion while the country has also been experiencing labor force shortage in the industrial and the agricultural sectors during the past decade. This is due to declining population growth in Thailand, resulting that the new labor force has decreased while unemployment is increasing. The labor force from the agricultural sector have migrated to the industrial and service sector. This has led to the situation thatthe laborforcewhich are mostly unskilled in the locally agricultural sector are scarced. Hence, a solution to labor shortage is to allow migrant workers from neighboring countries to replace those who have moved to other sectors. Also, there are certain types of work that are not considered by Thais because they are hard work, dirty and returned with low benefits such as labor force in the fishery industry, construction and labor force in the rubber plantation, etc.


Keywords: HIV, AIDS, prevalence, STI, migrant workers, condom, knowledge

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