Progress in Legislating Domestic Violence and Gender Based Violence in Timor-Leste. Ferguson, Phyllis (2011)

Gender Differences in KAP Related to HIV/AIDS among Freshmen in Afghan University. Mansoor AB, Fungladda W, Kaewkungwal J, et al (2008)

The present situation in Timor Leste can only be understood in the historical and cultural context of prior political subjugations. Gender violence is a domestic and community reality in Timor-Leste. This paper gives an in-depth analysis of the DV and SGBV outstanding issues, challenges, development and prospects. For the world’s newest nation, much progress has been made in legislation promulgated since the restoration of independence in 2002. Now the need is for these various platforms of action to be pervasively socialised with all the citizens of Timor-Leste and for sustainable funding to be made available to achieve these goal. Despite these problems Timorese women have been granted legal empowerment and so been given hope for a better life.



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