Pakistan Global AIDS Response Progress Report, 2015. National AIDS Control Program. (2015)


Like other Asian countries, Pakistan is following a comparable HIV epidemic trend having moved from ‘low prevalence, high risk’ to ‘concentrated’ epidemic in the early to mid-2000s. Pakistan’s epidemic is primarily concentrated among two of the key population groups driving the epidemic in the country. These are People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) with a national prevalence of 27.2% (weighted prevalence of 37.8%); followed by Hira (Transgender) Sex Worker (HSW) standing at 5.2% and then 1.6% among Male Sex Worker (MSW). Fortunately the prevalence in Female Sex Workers still remains low at 0.6%.

Keywords: HIV, GARPR 2015, children, TB, deaths, PLHIV, PWID, hijra, sex worker, MSW

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