Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey, Punjab 2014, Final Report. Bureau of Statistics Punjab, Planning and Development Department, Government of the Punjab and UNICEF Punjab. (2016)


The Punjab Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS), 2014 is a household survey covering 38,405 households to provide estimates of around 125 indicators for the province, 9 divisions and 36 districts. The results will be used to update indicators used for monitoring the situation of children and women in Punjab.
MICS Punjab, 2014 was conducted as part of the fifth global round of MICS. The survey was planned, designed and implemented by Punjab Bureau of Statistics. The sample design was provided by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. Technical support was provided by UNICEF through the Global MICS team. Fieldwork was carried out from June to September 2014.
The survey collected information on standard MICS topics such as housing characteristics, child and maternal health, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, child discipline, child protection and use of Information/Communication Technology among other topics. Additional information was also collected on income and employment, remittances, safety nets, tuberculosis, hepatitis and life satisfaction.

Keywords: Pakistan, HIV, AIDS, breastfeeding, child health, reproductive health, protection, media and ICT

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