Meeting Report - Consultation on The Memorandum of Understanding to Reduce HIV Vulnerability Associated with Population Movement. UNDP, Joint United Nations Initiative on Mobility and HIV in South East Asia, and ADB. (2012)

GMSMOU Consultation_Meeting_Report_2012-1

The key formal output of this meeting is an agreed Joint Action Plan, built from the draft JAP produced in September 2011, which will be presented for endorsement during the 11th Meeting of GMS Working Group on Human Resource Development, to be held in Myanmar on 4-5 October 2012. In addition, the joint priorities detailed in the JAP now provide a useful tool to assist participating government and civil society representatives from the GMS region to make a more coordinated effort to address HIV Vulnerability related to population movement. Participants’ identification of key challenges and gaps in access and provision of health and HIV services for migrants in the region will also assist ADB and UNDP APRC, through JUNIMA, to identify priority areas for further collaboration.


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