Mapping Transgender Groups, Organisations and Networks in South Asia. The Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health (2008)

APCOM Report_TG_Mapping_South_Asia

According to the policy brief titled “The Value of Investing in MSM Programs in the Asia-Pacific Region”, for APCOM/USAID Health Policy Initiative (APCOM Policy Brief No. 1, March 2008), there is strong evidence establishing male-tomale sex as one of the driving forces of HIV transmission in the region. HIV prevalence among MSM and transgender populations ranges from 3% to 31% in Asia-Pacific countries (5 to 15 times higher than overall HIV prevalence). In India, for instance, the latest estimates by National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), India, show that prevalence among MSM and transgender populations was 5.7% in 2006 as against the overall adult prevalence of 0.36%.



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