Making the Money Work For Young Key Populations: Experiences of Young Key Populations with the New Funding Model in Indonesia. Gurung B. (2016)


The document aims to portray the meaningful engagement of young people, particularly young key populations (YKP), in the NFM process in Indonesia manifesting their greater ability of advocacy, dialogues and technical inputs. Fokus Muda, the national forum of young key populations in Indonesia highly capitalized the essence of NFM broadly supported by the national stakeholders. They played integral role in the development of national strategic plan on HIV, engaged in numerous country dialogues organized by the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) and civil society, formed coalition with the civil society, held numerous bi-lateral meetings with the technical partners and CCM members and provided inputs in the draft concept note of the Global Fund. The result was readily observed where the final concept note submitted by Indonesia to the Global Fund integrated the issues of some YKP, while inability to integrate remaining YKP became the global advocacy agenda to review and amend the modular template of the Global Fund concept note.


Keywords: Indonesia, HIV epidemic, YKP, AIDS Response, civil society

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