Mainline Annual Report 2016: 25 Years of Harm Reduction. Mainline. (2017)


This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Mainline Foundation, and this provides an opportunity to reflect on twenty-five years of harm reduction.


Our mission to reduce the number of HIV infections among drug users through education – the purpose of Mainline’s establishment in 1991 – has been achieved. Or at least the number of HIV infections is no longer on the rise, and most users have a roof over their head. But the fringes of this phenomenon remain. Crystal meth is slowly seeping into the Netherlands. GHB is being quietly used in the provinces. And freebase cocaine dealers are still doing a roaring trade each week when those who depend on drugs receive their allowance from the budget-maintenance service. And abroad, where Mainline is also active, improving the legal status of people who use drugs remains high on the agenda. As always, Mainline operates by going out onto the streets and making contact with our audience, be that at home or abroad. We never do so with a wagging finger, and we’re always ready to lend an ear. In addition, we’ve set out a new strategy this year and reformulated our mission, vision and goals. Everyone is now working even more collectively for a common purpose, and facing the next 25 years with renewed energy.


Keywords: HIV, AIDS, harm reduction, syringe/needle


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