Kiribati Family Health and Support Study: A Study on Violence against Women and Children. Secretariat of the Pacific Community. (2010)


The study sought to quantify the prevalence of violence against women and children and identify the most common causes of violence. This information is intended to form the basis for interventions that would in the long term minimise and, it is hoped, ultimately eliminate the drivers of violence against women and children. Prior to conducting the study it had been an accepted fact that violence against women and children occurs in Kiribati, just as it does in many other countries of the region. What was difficult to know was the magnitude of the problem. The Kiribati Family Health and Support Study has for the first time in the history of the country provided a picture of just how prevalent and serious this problem is. The finding in the study that 68% of women (2 in 3) between the ages of 15 and 49 years who have ever entered into relationships have reported experiencing physical or sexual violence, or both, by an intimate partner, is a very serious cause for concern.


Keywords: HIV, violence, child, women, abuse, partners

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