Investment Case for Fast-Track Strategies: Prioritizing Investment Options in HIV Response in Bangladesh to End AIDS by 2030. National AIDS / STD Programme (NASP) and UNAIDS Bangladesh. (2016)

immage Under the leadership of the Government of Bangladesh (GOB), the National AIDS/STD Programme (NASP) and UNAIDS in liaison with civil society stakeholders started the process of the Investment Case for Bangladesh to enhance the mobilization of resources (domestic and external donor) to end AIDS BY 2030 through Fast-Track strategies. The Investment Case makes an effort to outline how to maximize efficient use of resources, based on current evidence, by re-visiting the strategic directions in prevention efforts to fast track and intensify. The process included several review sessions facilitated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, engaging researchers, civil society and government. Keywords: HIV, treatment, prevention, civil society, resources
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