Integrated Biological and Behavioral Surveillance (IBBS) Survey among Wives of Migrants in Four Districts of Far-Western Nepal - Round III. National Centre for AIDS and STD Control. (2018)


The report is the third round of the Integrated Biological and Behavioral Surveillance Survey (IBBS) among the wives of migrant labourers in Province 7 (Far-Western) of Nepal. The survey is based on the data of 400 wives of those migrant labourers in the four districts (Achham, Doti, Kanchanpur, and Kailali) who temporarily migrate or used to migrate to India to work as labourers. The survey was conducted only among women aged 16 years and above who are current wives or widows of male, who had migrated to India for work for at least three months in the last three years and had returned home at least once within the last three years. 


Keywords: HIV, STI, prevalence, treatment, testing, knowledge 


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