Integrated Biological and Behavioral Surveillance (IBBS) Survey among FSWs in Kathmandu Valley - Round VI, 2017. National Centre for AIDS and STD Control. (2017)

immage This IBBS Survey among FSWs (FSWs) in Kathmandu Valley is sixth round of Survey. It was conducted first time in 2004. The survey was undertaken primarily to track the trend of HIV infection, to access information about the safe sex practices, sexual behavioral, knowledge of HIV and STI, explore the association between risk behaviors and infections with HIV or STI. More specifically, the survey was conducted to collect socio-demographic characteristics; alcohol and drug use and needle sharing behaviors; the experience of stigma, discrimination and physical, sexual and other forms of violence; and exposure to HIV and AIDs program. Keywords: Nepal, prevalence, syphilis, condom use, knowledge, stigma and discrimination Download Publication

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