Integrated Biological and Behavioral Surveillance (IBBS) Survey among Female Sex Workers in Pokhara Valley, Nepal - Round IV - 2011. USAID and ASHA (2011)

IBBS 2011 FSW Pokhara Valley

This is the fourth round of the IBBS conducted among the Female Sex Workers (FSWs) of Pokhara Valley. The survey covered the urban and sub-urban locations falling within the valley of Pokhara. The fieldwork for the survey was carried out from January 16 to March 17, 2011. The survey was undertaken primarily to track the trend of HIV infection and syphilis in FSWs and to assess the sexual behaviors among FSWs in the valley. Information on the demographic, sexual behavior and exposure to STI/HIV/AIDS awareness programs were collected through a structured questionnaire while the prevalence of HIV and syphilis were tested via blood samples. Syphilis was tested using the Rapid Plasma Regain (RPR) test card. HIV was detected by using Determine HIV 1/2 test as a first test to detect antibodies against HIV, Uni-Gold test as a second test, and SD Bioline HIV 1/2 test as a tie breaker test.




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