HIV and AIDS SAARC Region: Update- 2009. SAARC Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS Centre Nepal (2009)

HIV and AIDS SAARC Region: Update- 2009. SAARC Tuberculosis & HIV/AIDS Centre Nepal (2009)

HIV epidemic is the single major reversal in human development in modern history. In most heavily affected countries, HIV has drastically reduced life expectancy even by more than 20 years. The estimated number of persons living with HIV in the world in 2007 was 33 million (30 million –36million).
The highest burden was in Sub Saharan Africa (67%) followed by South and South East Asia.

The global HIV epidemic has emerged as a formidable challenge to public health and development of the SAARC Region too. SAARC Region has an estimated 2.49 million People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) and India alone bears an estimated 2.31 million of that. HIV epidemic in the SAARC Region is
a collection of different epidemics in Member States with their own characteristics and dynamics. The diversity existing in the region needs to be fully addressed and defined, in order to achieve the success in prevention and control activities.

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