Global Investment in HIV Cure Research and Development in 2016: Funding for a Cure Remains a Priority. AVAC. (2017)


Antiretroviral treatment (ART) has radically changed the face of HIV infection, from a lethal disease into a manageable chronic condition. 

All 37 million people currently living with HIV are now eligible for ART based on the 2015 WHO Guidelines for ARVs for treatment and prevention - unfortunately, the latest data from December 2016 shows that only 18.2 million of these individuals are currently accessing ART. At the same time, daily antiretroviral regimens are costly and sometimes difficult for patients and most importantly not curative. HIV persists despite even the best treatment, and contributes to the development of non-AIDS morbidity.  

Keywords:  HIV vaccine, condoms, PrEP, vaccines, treatment


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