Creating an Enabling Legal and Policy Environment for Young People to Access Harm Reduction Services. UNESCO, UNAIDS, DLA PIPER, Youth LEAD, UNODC and AIDS Data Hub. (2015)


For millions of young people who use drugs from Asia and the Pacific, services that could improve their health, encourage recovery and bring about a better quality of life are often denied. Stigma, discriminatory laws and policies prevent many PWUDfrom accessing the benefits of harm reduction programmes.


Eliminating those barriers was the focus of “Access to Harm Reduction Services for Young People Who Inject Drugs in Asia and the Pacific”, a session held on 20 October as part of the 24th International Harm Reduction Conference (IHRC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Youth LEAD ran the session, which was supported by UNESCO Bangkok.



Keywords: young people, needle/syringe, NSP and OST programmes, harm reduction services

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