China National AIDS Spending Assessment 2010. Yakusik A, Zhongdan C, Fernández CA, et al. (2012)


Comprehensive information about national spending on AIDS response is crucial for health policy development and evaluation. Dehong Prefecture of Yunnan Province is one of the areas hardest hit by HIV in China. Since 1989, when the first 146 HIV-infected injecting drug users (IDUs) were identified in Dehong, this area with 1.1 million of people reported a cumulative total of 17,590 HIV cases by the end of 2010. Studies conducted suggest that the population prevalence for HIV infections in Dehong Prefecture is estimated to be 1.3%. IDUs make up the majority of the people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Dehong Prefecture, accounting for more than a half of the total number of estimated HIV cases in Dehong with high estimated HIV prevalence. HIV transmission mode has been changing gradually over the recent years from intravenous drug use to heterosexual and homosexual transmission. This study provides a comprehensive overview of the overall level and composition of major investments in national AIDS response in Dehong Prefecture introducing National AIDS Spending Assessment (NASA) as a method for the purpose.

Keywords: HIV/AIDS, cases, death, mode of transmission, investments, funding

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