Bending the Curve - Ending TB: Annual Report 2017. WHO, Regional Office for South-East Asia. (2017)


This is the second SEAR TB Report as we take first steps into the post 2015 era of the SDGs. In 2015, there was an estimated 4.74 million incidence of TB in the SEA Region, including HIV+TB co-infection. The total number of new cases notified to National TB programmes in the Region were around 2.65 million in appear staggering despite a reasonably good performance. Three countries that are poised well to eliminating TB by 2030 are Maldives, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Nepal too is doing well despite the twin challenges of its mountainous terrain and coping with a major natural disaster. Timor-Leste, though small in terms of absolute TB numbers, faces a major challenge in bringing down its incidence rate.

Keywords: HIV, TB, ART, drug resistant, treatment


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