Bangladeshi Sailors Vulnerability to HIV and AIDS. Sultana MM, Kaur N and Chakraborty S. (2014)


The study shows that there are many factors that make sailors vulnerable to HIV and AIDS. Work and living conditions on the ship present many challenge. There is evidence of some high-risk behaviour but researchers also feel that some sexual behaviour might have been underreported due to the involvement of union members in the data collection. The research study highlights specific opportunities for designing a HIV prevention programme addressing the unique challenges and vulnerabilities of sailors in Bangladesh which includes designing HIV and AIDS information dissemination in appropriate written and verbal from , advocate with NGO’s and civil society organization in raising awareness of the potential HIV – vulnerability of sailors. The study also recommends a bilateral cooperation between Bangladesh and India, while cross country protocol exists between the two countries, further cooperation can be strengthen to address HIV-related vulnerabilities of sailors.

Keywords: HIV, India, Bangladesh, mobile populations, sex work, migration

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