Annual Report 2014. Department of Health, Philippines. (2015)


Out of the 99.56 million projected population for 2014, the National Health Insurance Program of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) covered 87 percent or 86.22 million principal members and dependents. Of this total, 43.7 million principal members and dependents were enrolled as national government-sponsored members of PhilHealth as of September, 2014. To be able to serve the poor who are not yet covered by PhilHealth, hospitals pay for a qualified indigent patient’s one year PhilHealth membership premium upon admission through the Point of Care Enrollment Program. This way, hospitalization expenses of the poor are immediately covered. The Point of Care Enrollment Program is currently implemented by 60 Department of Health (DOH)-retained hospitals and 157 Local Government Unit (LGU)-managed hospitals.


Keywords: HIV, AIDS, PLHIV, malaria, TB

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