Addressing the Specific Needs of Women who Inject Drugs - Practical Guide for Service Providers on Gender-responsive HIV Services. UNODC. (2016)

immage This Practical Guide is intended for existing harm reduction and HIV-related service providers, managers, health-care workers and outreach workers, as well as those planning to work directly with women who inject drugs. Given the wide range of contextual variables (such as epidemiological factors, resource availability, extent and types of structural barriers, sociocultural issues, staff experience, etc.) that may have impact on the provision of women-specific harm reduction services, this Guide does not prescribe specific sets of protocols to be followed for particular types of women-specific services. Instead, it presents key objectives, priorities and rationales that should inform the design and implementation of services for women who inject drugs. Keywords: HIV, needle/syringe, opioid, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, gender Download Publication

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