National Risk and Vulnerability Assessment 2011-12: Afghanistan Living Condition Survey. Central Statistics Organization. (2014)


This report presents the results of the latest NRVA that was conducted in 2011-2012. The primary aim is to provide the latest information about the living conditions of Afghanistan’s population and about the performance of, among others, the agricultural sector, the labour market and the education and health systems. The information presented includes 22 indicators to monitor the implementation of the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) and 20 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) indicators. The main focus in this report is on information at national level, frequently disaggregated for residential populations (urban, rural and Kuchi). Provincial-level information is largely outside the scope of the present report, although Annex 10 provides tables for selected indicators and statistics at provincial level. The information provided in this report is also largely descriptive in nature; cross-sectoral and more in-depths analyses – especially those aiming at cause-and-effect relationships – will require additional efforts and reporting.

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