HIV/AIDS Diagnostic Technology Landscape - 2nd Edition. Murtagh M. (2012)


This report reviews the current technology landscape for HIV diagnostics, including (i) the algorithms and tests required in HIV/AIDS care and treatment, both before and after treatment initiation; (ii) the platforms used and price points of that testing; and (iii) the ways in which testing is delivered. With this information as background, the report then reviews the current technologies and diagnostic platforms in three key testing areas: CD4 and viral load testing for adults and children, as well as EID (including EID run on viral load platforms)—all of which are today typically accessed through sophisticated laboratory-based testing platforms, even in resourcelimited settings. The report describes the POC and near-POC CD4, viral load and EID platforms on the market and in the development pipeline, and considers the implications of the landscape, including what efficiencies might be achieved with respect to test algorithms, the cost of testing and decentralized service delivery.

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