Annexs - HIV and Adolescents: Guidance for HIV Testing and Counselling and Care for Adolescents Living with HIV. WHO. (2013)


Annex 1. Key terms and definitions
Annex 2. PICO questions and references
Annex 3. Systematic review: HIV testing and counselling and care for adolescents
Annex 4. Systematic review: Adolescents living with HIV - disclosure, adherence and retention in care
Annex 5. GRADE notation and language
Annex 6. GRADE evidence profiles
Annex 7. Evidence summaries and findings
Annex 8. Decision-making tables
Annex 9. Review methods
Annex 10. Values and preferences of adolescents on HIV testing and counselling
Annex 11 (a). Values and preferences of adolescents living with HIV
Annex 11 (b). Values and preferences: Care, treatment, and attitudes of adolescents living with HIV – literature review
Annex 13. Adolescent ARV service delivery: a review of the literature
Annex 15. Adolescent consent to testing: a review of current policies and issues in sub-Saharan Africa
Annex 16. Implementation plan
Annex 17. Expert meeting for the development of guidelines on adolescents and HIV


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