Connecting The Dots Regional Strategy. B-CHANGE and UNDP. (2013)


The Connecting The Dots (CTD) regional strategy lays out a five year vision for all units of the B-Change Group.

The purpose of CTD is to articulate how the group intends to bring community engagement in a Web 2.0 world to the next level. The focus of the strategy is to support the well-being of young people in the global South, by promoting health, human rights and civic participation.

The B-Change Group will work collaboratively across the business units and form partnerships with other like-minded organisations to execute the strategy in hopes of achieving long-lasting positive change in communities.

Support for the publication of the Connecting The Dots strategy was provided by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), under the ISEAN-HIVOS Multi-Country Global Fund Programme (ME1–011-G01-H) and the UNDP/USAID ‘Being LGBT in Asia’ initiative.


Keywords: LGBT, youth, human rights, civil society, community, discrimination, sexual identity

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