Being LGBT in Asia: The Philippine Country Report. UNDP and USAID. (2014)


Being LGBT in Asia: the Philippines Country Report provides an overview of LGBT rights in the Philippines including the effects of laws, policies, culture and social attitudes, and religion, based on research, consultation and the National LGBT Community Dialogue. This overview is followed by an examination of the Philippines experience of protecting the rights of LGBT people under eight different areas: education, health, employment, family affairs, religion, community, media and politics, using the same methodology as described above. Case studies illustrating success or challenges are included in the relevant areas. The next section examines the capacity of LGBT organizations in the Philippines. This was based on analysis of a participant survey as part of the Dialogue. The final section is a list of recommendations and action points generated by the Dialogue.


Keywords: LGBT, human rights, legal environment, sexual orientation, gender identity, stigma, discrimination


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