Malaysia Global AIDS Response Progress Report, 2016. Disease Control Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia. (2016)


For more than 2 decades, Malaysia has many success stories about its struggle to halt and reverse the HIV epidemic. Dated as far back in 1985, the earliest response started with the establishment of the country’s National Task Force before the first case made its debut. Backed by strong political support, workable policy, undivided participation and perseverance (4P), the country witnessed countless new policy turned into action; all geared towards preventing and controlling the menace (table 1). By 2015, for the first time in history, Malaysia has successfully halved the new infections in 2000 (22 per 100,000 population).


Keywords: HIV, AIDS, GARPR 2016, PLHIV, PMTCT, prevalence, VCT, TB, hepatitis, spending 


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