Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Affordable ARVs in China. UNDP. (2013)


This paper documents the recent developments, opportunities and challenges in intellectual property rights and access to affordable medicines in China. In particular, the paper finds that there have been impressive achievements in the national response to the HIV epidemic in China. Examples include the rapid expansion of government-supported antiretroviral (ARV) schemes and the development of a legal framework on intellectual property to address access to affordable pharmaceutical products in China. Adoption of the National Intellectual Property Strategy by the State Council in June 2008, and the revisions to the Patent Law and the Implementing Regulations with strong focus on public health protection are among the most prominent legal and policy achievements over the recent years, founding an enabling environment for action.



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Compendium of Judgments: Background Material - Judicial Dialogue on HIV, Human Rights and the Law in Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok 2-4 June 2013. Citro B, Avafia T, Fidalgo TM, et al. (2013)

Compendium of_Judgments_2013-1

This compendium focuses on a subset of the many issues that are critical to an effective HIV response. It emphasizes a set of core issues in line with those discussed at the Judicial Dialogue on HIV, Human Rights and the Law in Asia and the Pacific , 2–4 June 2013, Bangkok, Thailand. They are:  

• non-discrimination, including employment discrimination, discrimination in health care settings, and discrimination in other settings

• access to medicines

• same-sex relations

• rights of transgender persons

• rights of sex workers

• rights of people who use drugs



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